Ebisu was established as the first specialized soba restaurant in the area more than 100 years ago. The original Ebisu restaurant is located at San-machi Street which is in national important traditional building preservation area. The street is famous for its ancient township with warehouses for Takayama Festival floats as well as castle town, and a historical commercial district. The sign for the restaurant contains original glass pieces from when the restaurant opened. The interior design of the building also remains unchanged. Our restaurant has been cherished for generations as an established soba shop where customers enjoy old fashioned food and atmosphere, looking over irrigation canals through wooden windows, unique doors and authentic Japanese gardens.


Soba is one of the most famous Japanese foods as well as udon, sushi, and tempura. We would like you to enjoy our very authentic soba from the bottom of our hearts. Our skillful soba artisans devote themselves to offer the finest quality soba every day. In order to produce excellent Hida soba, we use 70 to 75% fresh ground buckwheat flour with the same method passed down by the original soba artisans.


We carefully choose only the finest ingredients from buckwheat to wild vegetables and soup stock. It takes a long time to produce tasty soba soup with our secret recipe, and it's a delicacy that will never disappoint. Hida is a very ideal environment for soba making, and we are proud of offering the local soba cuisines and every seasonal dish with utmost care.


Zaru Soba 880円
Cold soba noodle with dried
seaweed and dipping sauce

竹箩荞麦面 880円

Tempra Soba 1,420円
Hot soba in a soup topped with
prawns Tempura

天麸萝荞麦面 1,420円

Curry udon 820円
Hot udon noodles in a soup
topped with curry

咖喱乌东面 820円